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combo bitches

i didnt know about the schedule thing, so heres mine? yes.

1st: earth/space science
2nd: spanish II
3rd: drafting II
4th: american history
5th: critical thinking skills
6th: english III
7th: geometry

yes. i'm a junior but i have a few underclasses because i bombed my freshman year 2 years ago. i was in all honors... and now, i'm not. but it rocks being in regular classes because everyone in there are retarded, and i'm such a smart ass!

anywho. these are the people i love the most.

tony, i'm obsessed with him now.

jess and micah

this hott guy. i have never met him in my life, i found this in a random journal. but i love him.

leah my step sis

my baby sis

and my bro.

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