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combo bitches

i didnt know about the schedule thing, so heres mine? yes.

1st: earth/space science
2nd: spanish II
3rd: drafting II
4th: american history
5th: critical thinking skills
6th: english III
7th: geometry

yes. i'm a junior but i have a few underclasses because i bombed my freshman year 2 years ago. i was in all honors... and now, i'm not. but it rocks being in regular classes because everyone in there are retarded, and i'm such a smart ass!

anywho. these are the people i love the most.

tony, i'm obsessed with him now.

jess and micah

this hott guy. i have never met him in my life, i found this in a random journal. but i love him.

leah my step sis

my baby sis

and my bro.

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whoa that guy is REALLL HAWT!! woooosh ! and your little sister is too adorable. did jess dye her hair blue? she looks kick ass XD

i took earth space in like 8th grade that's a reallllllll easy class so dont sweat it <3
yea, i know. hes like.... the most beautiful man alive. yes, my sister IS too adorable, she knows it too. jess dyed her hair blue aboot 2 weeks ago. i didnt really like it at first, but now i think its awesome. and earth space science IS so easy! all we do is work sheets and crap. i'm totally gonna pass this class
AH YOUR BABY SIS IS ADORABLE. nn; Can I have her? Please?

haha, j/k. she really is gorgeous though.
dude!!!! your sister is so beautiful and you're so pretty!! and the guy is so cute =]
that baby girl is beautiful
Cathy its josh ur brother loox like a complete weirdo hahaha i love ya!!!
haha, niiiiice