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Who invited you?/ How did you hear from us? :i was searching for ppl who like llamas
its all about you
Name : Stacie
Age : 15
Gay/Bi/Straight : im straight...but i love pretty
Location : chicago
List your favorite bands/artist : fall out boy... eminem.. nelly..chingy
List some of your favorite movies : anchorman, napoleon dynamite, baseketball
What kind of clothes do you wear? : umm jeans, hoodies, sandals, shirts
Hobbies? hmmm...idk..listening to music if that is a hobby
Something interesting you think we would want to know? im polish and i have ADHD

Random questions
If you could be anything for a day what would you be and why? i would be a llama because they r kewl and they spit :)
If your house was on fire and you only had time to grab 3 things what would they be and why? my baby blanket because ive had it all my life .. my rose because i got it from mike. and my stuffed llama because i love llamas with a passion
What is your best feature? my eyes
What is your worst feature? my...cough boobs
What is the best thing that ever happened to you? i got asked to homecoming in a kewl way...yea im a loser
What is the worst thing that ever happened to you? my parents(there happy) got divorced...grrness they r mean
Do you drink? no
Do you smoke?no
Do Aliens Exist? blink 182 (yea sry bout that)

This or that
Bush / Kerry : bush
Pepsi / coke : pepsi cuz coke makes me feel fat
Pen / pencil : pen
Free cds for life /free movies for a year : movies
Mcdonalds / burger king : mcdonalds

Your Opinion
Abortion: its wrong cuz u know wat if u wanna have sex fine deal with the baby ITS UR FAULT.. but if u were raped..fine w/e
Gay marriages: eh w/e floats ur boat
War: its bad but good

Your Pictures: (4 max)

sry dont have ne

o and sry i dont know how to lj cut or whatever sorry once again
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Aight, yeah I'm still here. I haven't gotten around to actually leaving.

Anyway, no. You know why? Because you suck.

- No LJ cut
- Didn't follow rules (Blink 182)
- Bush
- McDs
- Opinions sucked
- Really boring application
- Your music choice
- "cuz", "kewl", "sry", "ne", "w/e", "r", "ppl", "rents", "idk"
- Your movie choice
- You act like a freshman and freshmen suck ass
- Choosing movies for a year
- You seem slutty and idiotic

+ hoodies
I don't think this community should decide who sucks and who doesn't suck. And ignore monkey mate, he or she's just bitter XD.
dont swear at me im not slutty or idiotic dont judge me by my music. im not a freshmen im a sophmore movies rule yes hoodies rule but guess wat sluts usually dont wear hoodies so leave me alone
<3 Stacie
ps i love ur icon its from i love the 90s
FUCKING HELL I'M A FRESHMAN! Stop being so fucking stereotypical! You're like the female equivalent of a man saying "I'm the ruler of the world 'cause I have a penis!" (no offense to the males reading this, i love penises :D)

On to the application. No, because I don't like it. Chatspeak = not good, and your opinions have no point. "whatever" isn't an opinion, 'kay?
yea tis k...but ur right about freshman we were all freshman once so we shouldnt have anything against freshman...freshmen are people too... i love young and...fresh...hehe so yea ur kewl (oops sry for saying cool the way i want too.)
If you put this post behind an LJ-cut (<*lj-cut text="insert text here"*> then message here </*lj-cut) If you haven't figurd it out, take out the *. -No cut -Do Aliens Exist? Please read the rules, you either didn't or forgot, then fix that part of the application. - I do agree with monkey, I despise people that type with u ur kewl, no offense, but cool is just as easy to type as kewl.. But then again I'm a literary nut :-D. +Bush +NAPOLEAN DYNAMITE that's like a +++ That movie is Dork up the whahoooo +Just a + because someone told you you suck. That's very preppy and idiotic. Now you're music sucks, but that doesn't mean you do !!! :D Remember, this is a no vote, until you fix this post. Thank you! `A' (Mod)
i dont say "kewl" because its easy to type...i say it because i dont want to be like everyone else...i just wanna be different is that to much to ask for?
Using "kewl" instead of "cool" doesn't make you differen. It makes you stupid. Just like being a sophomore is just as bad, if not worse, than being a freshman.
maybe u should go on the atkins diet and eventually..die
That's such a childish thing to say.. Sorry, but learn to take a hit from someone and go on. People will be attacking you all your life. No offense..
I'm sorry, as long as you are asking me, I find that people who use u ur cuz b-cuz kewl etc, are very annoying. I tried to be nice, but you forced my hand.

You want to be different? Use proper grammer and correct typing. Also expand the vocabulary, seriously how many people type right, and with half correct grammer? I'm not perfect, but if you're going to use the " i dont want to be like everyone" argument, then I find it flawed. You seem like a cool girl, but you're fighting back against people that comment negatively..

you would have had a yes from me if you had fixed the post.
I sincerly hope to see you back in a week re-applying.

`A' (Mod)
- no pictures
- i don't like how you type
- music
- "If your house was on fire and you only had time to grab 3 things what would they be and why?"
- lj-cut
- you didn't read the rules
- barely gave effort on your opinions
tis k and yes i did read the rules i just forgot that part
I dont think you put any effort on your application.. But you do seem like a dork. Try posting pics I'll probabbly give you a Yes. Good luck =]
- you didn't read the rules
no sorry, maybe try again with picture and read the rules better.
-I told you how to fix your post, and you didn't. I know you have read my comment, you replied to it.
-You didn't read the rules or fix it
I'm sorry, try again in a week if you want, and no matter what a member does here, try not to pick a fight. Even if they get in your face, back off let the mods and maint' yell at them ok?
nice job drew ~_@
ok yeah i know a little late there but i'm the maintainer and i just wanted to point stuff out.

the whole point in the aplication is for us to get to know ou to the point where we like you and accept you in this community. i'm sorry hunn but it didn't seem like you put much effort in you application. especially ur opinions. one sentence doesn't cut it. its not fair for the other applicants that put so much time in those question and then we let you in just because you seem sweet.

i also hate that u pick bush but hey! i have to learn to accept that ppl like that NAZI ::ahem:: excuse me for that. also out of cuiriosity why does coke make you feel fat and pepsi doesn't? they taste similar to me.