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dearest dorks,

i am bored so i'm gonna write in the community. yes, yes. my friend jess cook cut my hair yesterday and it wasnt too super. she was in a hurry too, cause she had to go to work. but she finished it today, and it is rad to the 10th power. i will share it with you.


i'm sportin this bitch around tomorrow like whaaaaat!

thanks jess! i love you <333

and than i went picture crazy...

pimp emo hair, oh snap!

i look soooo pretty!

i'm a rocker chic


yes, indeed.

so lets see.... whats been happening with me. one of my ex bfs that moved to tallahassee came to see me this weekend. it made me happy. and what else. oh, i dont talk to jess smith anymore... aka, blue hair, aka xlooselegslucyx its a shame because weve been friends for 6 years, and the past 3 years we were best friends. but there was too much drama between us. oh well, it happens.

and my mom died in a car accident.

NOTTTTT, i kid, i kid. haha, i'm too good. i would cry if my mommy died. :(

and thats it.

<333 much love
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