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hey hey guyzzz!


Who invited you?/ How did you hear from us? : a search
*its all about you*
Name : Sue
Age : one.five(fifteen)
Gay/Bi/Straight : Straight as a board
Location : NJ
List your favorite bands/artist : Simple Plan, All American Rejects, and Ashlee Simpson
List some of your favorite movies : Dickie Roberts!
What kind of clothes do you wear? : Emo punk stuff
Hobbies? : soccer, hangin w/ my bf, and computer
Something interesting you think we would want to know? : i hav a b/f named bill! hehe!

Random questions
If you could be anything for a day what would you be and why? : a tiger b/c tigers kick ass baybay!
If your house was on fire and you only had time to grab 3 things what would they be and why? : my 3 doggles!
What is your best feature? : natural beach blonde hair
What is your worst feature? : ears
What is the best thing that ever happened to you? : Bill
What is the worst thing that ever happened to you? : i dunno
Do you drink? : no
Do you smoke? : occasionallly
Do Aliens Exist? : um yea! where else would i hav come from!

This or that
Bush / Kerry : Kerry
Pepsi / coke : coke
Pen / pencil : pen
Free cds for life /free movies for a year : cds
Mcdonalds / burger king : Mcdonalds

Your Opinion
Abortion: if its the last resort its ok, but i dont think its rite to kill and innocent chilD!
Gay marriages: we'r all supposed to b happy rite! if that makes them happy then thats fine with me
War: ugh! pointless! unless u hav already tried to work out the problem
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