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Who invited you?/ How did you hear from us? :
its all about you
Name : Hanna
Age : 14
Gay/Bi/Straight :  Straight
Location :  Los Angeles, California
List your favorite bands/artist :  THE HIVES- Howlin' Pelle Alqmvist
List some of your favorite movies : Clockwork Orange.
What kind of clothes do you wear? : Its just band shirts, Jeans, And Plain sweaters.
Hobbies? Drumming, Skating, Dirt Biking.
Something interesting you think we would want to know?  I go to church. I dunno if its interisting though, Cause usually when people ask me these questions in communties, They think im stupid cuz there all like Anti-God

Random questions
If you could be anything for a day what would you be and why? A boy, I wanna See how it feels like to have a Dick. Im so weird
If your house was on fire and you only had time to grab 3 things what would they be and why? MP3 -I love my music of course! My sweater- I have very low self-esteem, And I think im fat, So my sweater will kinda cover it all up and I Since there's a hood on it, I can put it on to kinda cover my face... And I dont know my 3rd Item.
What is your best feature? Nothing, Im uber Ugly.
What is your worst feature? Everything.
What is the best thing that ever happened to you? I went out with this really hott guy,

What is the worst thing that ever happened to you?  When he broke up with me =(
Do you drink? No.
Do you smoke? No. not really.
Do Aliens Exist? No.

This or that
Bush / Kerry : Kerry.
Pepsi / coke : Coke.
Pen / pencil : Pencil.
Free cds for life /free movies for a year :Free cds for life!
Mcdonalds / burger king : Mcdoanlds. Burger king is a momma's boy place.

Your Opinion
Abortion: Its kinda sick & wrong, but Ehhhh....
Gay marriages: I THINK GAY PEOPLE ARE REALLY ARE FUCKING HOT! they turn me on!
War: War is stupid. There's no point to it. I think we're all gonna die like in 3 years, or were gonna have to wear like Gas masks

Your Pictures: (4 max)

Sorry Its a really stupid picture.

Would you call that a picture?

I look really high.

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