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hey guys


Who invited you?/ How did you hear from us? : a search
its all about you
Name : nicole
Age : 15
Gay/Bi/Straight :  straight
Location : boston
List your favorite bands/artist : mest,greenday,my chemical romance
List some of your favorite movies : thirteen,13 going on 30
What kind of clothes do you wear? : i dont have a style
Hobbies? being with my friends, cheer coach
Something interesting you think we would want to know? not really

Random questions
If you could be anything for a day what would you be and why? president so i cud fix wut bush fked up
If your house was on fire and you only had time to grab 3 things what would they be and why? photo album( cuz i luv my pictures),my blankets(ive had them since i wuz very very little), my black bears hat ( was given to me by my bffl dave)
What is your best feature? my hair
What is your worst feature? glasses
What is the best thing that ever happened to you? meeting dave
What is the worst thing that ever happened to you? bein in a hospital cuz im an idiot
Do you drink? yes
Do you smoke? no
Do Aliens Exist? yes
This or that
Bush / Kerry : Kerry
Pepsi / coke : coke
Pen / pencil : pen
Free cds for life /free movies for a year : free cds for life
Mcdonalds / burger king : burger king
Your Opinion
Abortion: against. its murder,
Gay marriages: no problem with it, you cant change how you feel
War: definately against. bring our troops home.

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